Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Long Time Knitting

It has been such a long time since I have posted, i apologize.  I spent the holidays in many states of sobriety and among many different types of company.  I broke the proverbial Christmas bread with a once imprisoned "enemy of the city" and spent some time running in fear from my supercharged four year old niece.  (I swear she  couldn't hold still if a donkey sat on her.)
Today is my first private knitting class.  I tried the public class route but the fact that I am a man seems to piss off everyone in the knitting community.  I ended up hiring this guy who knits amazing pieces that are sold in soho.  Tonight, if you came by my house, you'd see two guys just sitting on a couch knitting.

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  1. Guaria2:12 AM

    Dude, I don’t know where you took that public class, but most knitters I know are very welcoming of anyone who is new to the craft regardless of gender (or melanin production). Sorry you ran into the one or two who weren’t. Most of us think knitting men are cool (or should I say hot?). Just watch, as soon as you get comfortable enough, go knit in a public place (waiting room, subway, bus, library, et cetera). You will notice that a guy with yarn and needles is a certified chick magnet. No lie. You’ll have to beat them of with a…oh, never mind.

    There are several men in my knitting circle----and no, they’re not all gay. I taught my seven-year-old nephew and he made himself a scarf (knitting is great for little kids because it develops their fine motor skills). Why am I telling you this? To illustrate what you probably already know: that real men knit. Good luck!