Thursday, January 31, 2008

F U iphone

Did you know the iphone cant send and recieve pictures through MMS. The same way that most phone send pictures?
If you call apple and complain they politely tell you that all you have to do is simply have everyone you know send text messages to your email instead of your phone number.  THAT's your solution.  I should call every frend and business contact that I know and tell them to send me pictures in a different and inconvenient way?  I should change the world around my phone?!  That's like telling everyone that they can only speak to me in adjectives.  I mean, sure, the language that you know and love works fine, but I just decided that I want to do things a different way and now you have to cater to it.
F U apple.
Do you know how embarrassing it is when you tell someone that you can't recieve MMS messages?  Then they're all like, "What?!  You paid five hundred dollars and you cant send MMS?  My phone can and I got it out of the bargain bin at Wal Mart!"  Then I tell them that it can't record movies either and they're like, "WHAT!  My phone can record movies, and I found it in dumpster behind Burger King for free!"  And then I tell them that my phone can't even save pictures that I do recieve through email to my photo album on my phone and they're like "OH MY GOD!  I found my phone in the chest cavity of a dead deer and my phone can do that!  What the FUCK!!!!!!!!"
Come on iphone!
No, I'm not even gonna capitalize the "p" anymore.

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