Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back To LA this weekend

Hi there!  I'll be in LA this weekend agin for a screening of the movie Permanent Vacation at the Souther california independent film festival...
Word Word Word!
ME in the movie.

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  1. maria9:52 PM

    That movie seems really interesting. I remember catching your act on TV a long time ago and I was really impressed, not because of the whole albino thing, but because you struck me as a smart and gifted comedian. You didn't go for the easy jokes, the timing and writing were perfect and you don't back down from controversy. I really respect that. I'm a writer and I pay a lot of attention to the way comedians write. I believe stand up comedy is an art form and not anyone impresses me. I was kind of annoyed but not surprised by the fact you didn't make it in Last Comic Standing. But they seem to like the catchy, showy, all show and no substance comedians. At least that's my perception. You're way better than that.
    Anyway, I wish you a lot of success in your career and hope to see more of you.
    Best wishes,

    I'm sorry if I made mistakes, English is not my vernacular language.