Thursday, July 13, 2006

Noodle Night Minutes

I got a call from Jay in response to my text message.  ?!  Anyway... he tells me that the time is pushed back about fifteen minutes.  He an Meg invite me to their house.  I think it's weird and decide to meet them at the noodle shop.
We meet outside Sammy's noodles and end up waiting for Dale.  Isn't this a situation that just repeats itself.  Waiting for Dale to show up.  Waiting for Dale to "get it".  Waiting for Dale to stop blowing his nose and stop looking into his kleenex.
Dale Finally shows up.  Maybe I overreacted.
This gets a seperate entry with the same time out of anger.  I'm told we are walking from this perfectly good noodle shop in search of another noodle shop.  People want "variety".  I want food.  Meg informs me that if we walk we will eventually get both.  I kill her.
Jay, Dale, Ritch, Alan and me arrive at the new noodle shop.  Meg has become a reasonable zombie and follows along.  She promises to pay for her meal so noone severs her spinal chord.  (That's how you kill a zombie.)
We sit at the table and then I realize, "Who the fuck is Alan?"  Jay has brough along a boy toy.  I would be mad, but it's good timing since I killed his wife.  Meg looks on with longing.  I don't know if she's jealous or just smells brains.
We place our order with the Japanes waiter with and Italian accent.  Okay maybe the accent was actually Japanes, but what's the difference?
We eat.
Ritch catches fire!  I don't know how he caught fire but I do know that Zombie freak the fuck out near flames.  Meg runs for the door but the waiter bars her way because she hasn't paid her check.  Damn lying zombie!  She said she was going to pay her check!
The apocolypse comes.
The apocolypse leaves and thing are pretty much the same except there is no doubt that there is a God.
I have to leave.  I step over the body of the waiter and look for a cab. 
Dale wants a ride too.  I wait for him.


  1. Vic, Vic, Vic,...
    I am disappointed. Every good comic book reading, video game playing, Army of Darkness watching geek knows that you kill zombies by destroying their brains. Sometimes people will use a hammer or a pick axe. I prefer the sharpened pencil. Sure, it's a little up close and personal, but it's the best way to get rid of all the #2 pencils from my school days as a youth.

  2. Um, excuse me but if you snap the spinal column the brain has nowhere to send the impulses too. Zombies have low level electrical impulses that allow them to move around so severing the cord stops that. Of course you may still have a biting snapping zombie head at your feet...

  3. - A Concerned Friend9:21 AM

    Publicly acknowledge Noodle Night again and you die.