Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Facebook Conversation No. 145

Sometimes strangers contact me on Facebook. I always talk to them with mixed results.

How are you doing?

Good. hope you are well.

Yes sir, i am doing well. Thank you.
What have you been up too?

Am i bothering you?

are you trying to?

that sounds bad
it depends
oooooooooonnnnn whhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttt?

If you want me to dear. May i call you that i call everyone that.


I like your picture

thank you. taken by a good friend

well that is cool
you are welcome
i bet your are talking to hundreds at the moment huh?
no. just three
the others are people I know though

Are you trying to tell me something?


seems like you dont want to talk because i dont know you my dear. well i really wanted to speak with you.


why what?

The only reason I am not talking is because you haven't said something significant yet. "Hi", "How are you?" Yes, and what else?

well what do you want me to say? Do you want me to ask about you? like whats your fav color or something?

I would rather you say what you want to say.

What is your fav movie?

The original Tron.

i know that is so lame. i love the originals way better lol
where is your fav place to go to relax?

Where would you like this conversation to go?

Do you think i would like to have sex with you? do you think that is where its going? i am just trying to get to know you that is it

WTF?! Sigh...
Geez. Nobody wants to have sex with anybody.

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  1. HAHAHA, you shoulda just saved time and asked her for sex as soon as the convo started... she was kinda lame though.