Thursday, July 22, 2010

My two word Review of INCEPTION - Fantastically Trippy

My five word review of INCEPTION - Dumb people should not go.

My haiku review of INCEPTION -

Christopher Nolan,
You are my movie hero
M. Night can suck it.

My two paragraph review of INCEPTION -

Every time I hear someone talk about Inception they talk about how much fun, trippy or gripping it is and they rarely talk about the science fiction elements of the film. That's a good thing and hard to do because the science fiction in the movie runs pretty deep. To make a film that steeped in a pretend technology and have the audience walk away talking about the emotional aspect of the film is a feat that I don't think many other movies pull off. Just like THE DARK KNIGHT was a great crime thriller, that also had Batman in it, this movie is an exquisite action noir epic, that also has a ton of sci-fi.

I am deliberately staying away from talking about the plot because that will make the movie more fun for everyone. Let's talk about the ending once you've seen it.

++++++++++ POSSIBLE SPOILERS BELOW THIS LINE++++++++++++++

The lady or the tiger?

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