Monday, April 14, 2008

New Film! Production Begins!

Hi everyone. 


Production begins on a new short film that I am writing and directing.  Roboto Supremo!  Some of you may know about an earlier no-budget version of it that I did a few years back.  Well now I am doing a higer ends version of it with a new script and amazing crew. 


The first feature that I directed was an urban comedy.  Since I am planning on doing some new work that is a little genre heavy I decided to do a short as proof of concept for some of my new ideas,  It helps money people feel more comfortable writing shecks.


Anyhow, we are in pre production right now with an excellent producer, DP, Sound Designer, Production designer, and VFX person.  If anyone is interested in stopping by my studio and being extra hands building a miniature city, let me know.


  1. Dear Victor, awesome, many congratulations!

  2. This sounds exciting. Keep up the great work.