Monday, March 03, 2008

Desperate for Video Games

Sometimes I do things that fundamentally are really really wrong.

I was hanging out with my friend Jason adn he wanted a copy of Call Of Duty 4 for his xbox 360. We went lookig for a used vrsion of the game so that he could get it a little cheaper but unfortunately, there were non. He would have to pay full price and that just wasnt an expense that he was willing to go through.

Our next stop was Filene's basement. I had to stop by there because I had ripped the ass out of my jeans completely by accident. (don't ask) When we arrived to shop we were surprised to see that the store was having its annual bridal gown sale. A lot of the men's clothing were moved t othe back of the store to make room for the rows and rows of dresses.

After finding my replacement jeans, I get a great idea. So I put it to Jason, "Hey, if you try on a wedding dress and let me take photos, then I'll buy the game for you."

His first answer was "No fucking way." But then...

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