Friday, August 17, 2007

Day One on My Name is Earl

The first day of shooting was fun and a little bit of a chore.  I arrived at the parking lot to meet the van that would take me out to the set at about 9 am.  Now, nornormally a car would pick you up and take you to the set or you would deliver yurself to the set, but since the shoot was at an immigration prisonn in Lancaster I was told that I would have to take a bus out.  The ride takes about an hour and the conversation almost nnon existant for me.  I do chit chat with this guy named Nate a bit about his acting work and aspirations.
The hihtlight of the shoot day would have to be that Jason Lee remembered me from working on A Guy Thing with him, or at least his people must have told him that I was the same guy who worked on a guy thing with him.  Anyhow, it fet nice,
We were in a desert so there was a ton of dust being kicked up by the wind in the 105 degree weather.  Today my throat feels like I was swallowing sandpaper all night. 
At this point I only have one more day of shooting to finish out the two episode that I will be in.  I hope I survive.
Now I'm in LA trying to figure out wjat to do on a Friday night...

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  1. Hi,

    I had bookmarked your blog a while back because I find it interesting - wow, you're a guest star on My Name Is Earl? That's really cool. I look forward to reading your blog regularly!