Friday, July 13, 2007

Iphone update

It's swett, but there are a couple of drawbacks that I believe they are fixing.
Drawback 1: 
No MMS messaging.  I didn't even ask about this feature because I just assumed that it would be included.  If you want to send a picture to a friend then you have to send it through email.  Worse yet, the iphone cannot recieve MMS which means that if you want a friends to send you a picture, you are also screwed.  You can ask them to sent it to you through email, which you can easily get on your iphone but then...
Drawback 2:
You cannot download pictures to your picture album from email or safari.  You can view them in email and safari, but if you then wanted to email them you can only forward the email withthe picture.  There is no seeing something nifty on the web and then making it your wallpaper.  No taking an emailed photo and attaching it to a contact.
Drawback 3:
You can't take video.  What?  You have a camer!  You can playback video?  What the fuck!
The good.
The internet, the music, the stocks, the google, the interface, almost everything else is beyond excellent.  But the drawbacks are such that I might have to just take the whole thing back if they, Apple, don't address them soon.
But what a camera!

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  1. Anonymous2:55 PM

    ...all the reasons I have been contemplating the same thing! Lack of MMS is extremely disappointing, despite the rich internet experience, visual voicemail, etc. These are exactly the same issues I have concerns with (except I also include lack of zoom functionality on the camera!) and am considering taking it back this evening, since Apple has not addressed the issue and the 14-day return period is up tonight... If only Mr. Jobs would fill us all in!