Friday, January 21, 2005

AIDS mug

Today I went to the doctor and I had an AIDS test.  You all should.  I tested negative.
After the test, the doctor gave me a mug.  I was suprised that the mug was part of the routine at the AIDS clinic, because, there is a problem.
Ifo someone tests positive, does the doctor still try to give them a mug?

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  1. Anonymous6:59 PM

    I see the dilemma.

    Maybe they still do get a mug, and if they do, it is probably pretty awkward.

    Perhaps they would feel they wanted something much more than a mug.

    or maybe they would be suffering from such a shock, they would want a stiff drink or a dark room or nothing, due to the numbing paralysis from fear.

    Maybe they just get a counselor on the spot or unlimited phonecalls.

    If they did get a mug, they would be reminded of the visit anytime they ever saw it.

    They could hunt down possible sources and hurl the mug through their window.

    Did your mug say anything?

    Take care out there! I really like your work!

    LVK 22°