Wednesday, March 10, 2004

ASPEN in a nutshell.

Flew on the plane with Jack Black. He was not
into being talked to so I didn't.

Arrived on Tuesday and performed for 700 people in
the ballroom. WONDERFUL SHOW.

I ate a lot of food as my hotel had free
breakfast, free lunch, free beer and
wine every afternoon, and free long distance.
What? I want to move to this place.

Day two, wednesday i went to see a bunch of shows
and performed that night. GREAT SET, but not as
crazy as day one. Met lots of industry people and
had fun. Went out to a bar with people from
comedy central and met a guy who got gayer the
more that he drank.

Wednesday, another set, I also got dissed by Chris
Rock. I think he may have never even considered a
black albino, cause he was not into saying hello.
Hung w' Paully shore. Not bad time, he was nice
to me. Did a set and it was also GOOD, but not
crazy fantastic. I may be being hard on myself
because I got tons of attention after this set.

I had no set on Thursday but they added me to a
show at the Wheeler Opera House where I open for
Louis CK and Joe Rogan. Lots of industry and
maybe 2000 people there. Again WONDERFUL SET!
This show generated the most
"business" fro me. I may get into the details
later. Louis told me he loved some of my jokes
which made me melt because I love him.

Friday I meet Robert Schimmel and my set is
MEDIOCRE. People still seem to like it, but I am
not so happy. Anyway, whatever, I spent the night
kicking myself for not making the most of every
moment at the festival. This was also the night
that they were judging so not the best move for me.

Saturday, I have a kick ass set again and I manage
to make a guy laugh so hard that he threw up his
hands and hit his girlfriend in the face. I am
going to go for that from now on. I had such a
blast at the festival. At The after party, I was
stalked by a rich woman that looked like a monster.

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