Monday, December 01, 2003

So last night I get rear ended at a stop sign cause apparent;ly this guy wants me to turn faster or he just has no patience. I pull over and he runs for the hills in his car. Hit and run.

On the way home my car stalls and stops. I think to myself, WHAT! How can this be since I have everything in order. The only thing I can thik ot is that the oil light was flashing earilier but I thought it took longer for that type of thing to happen. There is a gas station nearby so I walk and buy some oil.

Get back to the car and the oil fixes the light problem and then the car stalls again. I'm out of gas.

Please keep in mind that I have only been driving for a few months now nd I never knew what went into cars at all. Now I'm getting it.

I walk backand put some gas in the old gas can and make sure to spill a bit of it on the ground cause I love being clumsy.

The car starts and runs fine.

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